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by: TFE Marketing Network.
Read this important info:
Elite Marketers Club is NOT
a Pyramid Scheme, MLM
or a get-rich-quick program.


Elite Marketers Club SPAM Policy

Elite Marketers Club has a zero tolerance for spam. Anyone caught spamming will be deleted from the program and is subject to civil and criminal prosecution including fines. If you are to include Elite Marketers Club's name or URL in any email promotion, please only email to your own "double-optin" subscribers or on safelists, traffic exchanges, ad exchanges, list builders, classified ads, ppc marketing and other legitimate forms of advertising. Do NOT send any mailing to PURCHASED leads with Elite Marketers Club included anywhere within the ad, NO Exceptions. If you do send such an ad, your account will be terminated immediately for SPAM violations!

However, the following are grounds for termination of your account:To send unsolicited emails to anyone that is not on your own personal double-optin list. If this does not make sense to you, then do not include promotions for Elite Marketers Club in emails.
To falsify user information provided to Elite Marketers Club or to other users of the service in connection with Elite Marketers Club, or any of it's other sites.
To use the Elite Marketers Club name and URL via bought commercial bulk email lists is prohibited.

By signing up to Elite Marketers Club you agree to receive credit emails from other members of Elite Marketers Club. As that is the case, anyone who complains of Spam about this site will have their accounts terminated and any and all commissions will come back to Elite Marketers Club without any refunds for any upgrades or credits bought, and they will be banned from this site and any and all other sites that are a part of the Task Force Echo Network. No Exceptions. Elite Marketers Club is a Viral Mailer, Viral Mailers do not work unless members can email their offers to other members so for this reason any and all who join Elite Marketers Club automatically approve to receive emails from other members as well as admin emails.

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